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Corazon Flamenco

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Dr. Irene Rimer, an international Flamenco performer and master instructor, has been teaching Flamenco in the US since 1999. She started teaching in Miami, at the Irene Rimer Dance Academy where students had the privilege of performing at recitals with professional Flamenco artists such as Pepe de Malaga, Emilio Prados, and Jose Luis Zorrilla in genuine “tablao” (Spanish dance theatre) settings.

In 2005, Irene moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and continued teaching. There she founded the troupe, Corazon Flamenco; the only professional Flamenco group in the area. Irene brought Flamenco guitarist Manolo Vargas from Seville, with whom she had previously worked extensively, to play at several professional performances such as “Flamenco, Blood Wedding” and “Noche Flamenca” at Workplay. Numerous professionals and invited guests also performed with the troupe at local recitals such as “Love, The Magician,” and “Universal Flamenco,” presented at the Virginia Samford Theatre. Irene choreographed for the Birmingham Opera in which she also performed with Corazon Flamenco in “La Traviata” at the Alabama Theatre with soprano Susanna Phillips. Irene lectured about Flamenco, and performed with selected members of the troupe, at UAB in Birmingham, University of North Alabama in Florence, and A&M University in Huntsville to name a few venues. Irene Rimer also taught and performed at the Alabama Dance Festival at the BJCC, and was a member of the Alabama Dance Council.

In 2014, Irene Rimer relocated to the Tampa Bay area and currently teaches in Dunedin and Charlotte Harbor. Guitarist Tony Arnold, also a member of Corazon Flamenco, who had been travelling from Tallahassee, Florida, to Birmingham, AL, to play at the workshops taught by Irene, and to performed with the group, decided to buy a home, and relocate with his wife Jill to Dunedin. Guitarist Roberto Verdi followed the troupe members, and also relocated to the Tampa Bay area; and so the troupe continues together offering genuine Flamenco performances and lectures on Flamenco. Our troupe continues to work under the name of Corazon Flamenco, our home is now in Florida with the name of Casa Flamenca (Flamenco home.)

The mail goal of the troupe is to offer genuine Flamenco performances, and educative lectures on its roots, benefits, and mystical rhythmic patterns.  To book a performance, please contact Irene at at least a month in advance.