Patricia Ann Dance Studios


Community Performances/Competitions ~ As of January 2019

  • January 4,5,6 -YAGP Ballet Competition

  • February 10- EmKidz,Inc. Fundraiser for Foster Children

  • February 16,17- Danza Intensive Competition

  • March 9- Artz4Life Community Outreach

  • March 23- Moffatt Cancer Fundraiser

  • March 22, 23,24,25- ADC/IDC Ballet Competition

  • March 24- PACTeam Showcase

  • March 30- HEP Fundraiser

  • April 13,14, 15- Starbound Competition

  • April 26,27,28- Showstopper Competition

  • June 14- Annual Recital for the studio

  • July 4,5,6,7- Showstopper Nationals

  • December 15- Studio Holiday Recital

  • December 22- The Family Blessing

The Patricia Ann Competition Team was created to encourage,nurture and train student dancers with a desire to take their studies beyond the class room. Team offers these dancers the opportunity to increase their skill level and performance quality through rehearsals, drills and performances. Students interested in the team must audition for a place on the team. Coaches take auditioning dancers through class work, drills, and choreography assessing their skills, strength, flexibility, comprehension, maturity and commitment for team placement.




Dancers are divided into levels:

  • Minis ages 6.5-8.5 years

  • Juniors ages 9-11 years

  • Intermediates ages 12-15 years

  • Seniors ages 15-20 years

Each level has a mandatory schedule of dance technique classes that are required for team participation in addition to team rehearsal time. Schedules for rehearsals are emailed every two to three weeks ahead of the rehearsal times. Rehearsals are held on Friday evenings and Saturdays between 9a.m. and 5p.m. Solos are awarded after evaluation and at the discretion of the team staff. Additional fees required for team participation.

The team attends three regional competitions in Tampa as a group and one National Competition.

We will also be offering to take soloists to additional regional competitions to offer more opportunities to compete, receive critique, build strength and confidence. Team members are required to have team warm ups, dance bags and garment bags for travel. We will be offering these items for reasonable prices in August- September. Competition team is a commitment for the whole family of time, energy and money. That said, it is also a fun adventure for both the dancers and the families. Our team is a very close group of families who enjoy the experience of competition together, sharing good times and making great friends. For our dancers, team gives these young artists knowledge, confidence and skills that can carry them on to dance and theater careers or any career of their choosing.